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Locksmith Gig Harbor is a comprehensive security services provider headquartered in Gig Harbor, Washington. We are a family owned business with some satellite agencies located in nearby cities. We started operations in August, 1985, and our main objective is to offer only optimal solutions for your home, business or vehicle protection, as well as regular locksmithing services. We strongly believe that safety should be a top priority in every person’s life. Most of the time, people call us after something bad happen and it is too late. We concentrate in educating our citizens to adopt a proactive approach.
Our history sets us back to the mid 80’s when the city underwent aggressive increases in territory due to the annexing of surrounding rural areas. The idea was to start building dense commercial and residential complexes and move the developments away from the historic downtown, preserving its touristic value. We acquired a little space in one of the shopping malls and provided help to our neighbors, forming important alliances. As time passed, we became one of the most hired services, as the increase of the population caused worries among the citizens, and they started to invest more in security.
We are deeply committed to our customers. Every Gig Harbor resident that comes to us is looking to enhance his safety or his family’s. Our mission is to deliver a top-notch service, and making sure their property is not trespassed or violated. With the construction of new bridges and further economic development, the population will keep growing.
We can barely cover the market for a city of more than 8000 people, and that’s why we envision expanding even more, with new agencies and more professional locksmiths that share our values. Keep coming back to our website or call us, we will keep you posted.